OxEd is an education technology provider and fully-accredited higher education entity in the UK. We are passionate about combining learning and development with engagement activities, using the latest learning methodologies and leading-edge technologies to do this. We know that learning is not a one-fit-for-all, so we create personalised, adaptive skills-based solutions, tailored to the skills and learning styles of the individual.


We are deeply principled, never losing sight of our mission: Transform education for the betterment of humanity.

We are focused on improving the future of education by developing technology and content to enhance every individual learner.

We are focused on helping our customers succeed, wherever they are in their education and professional careers.

We are focused on innovation in education and we are a proven leader in strategic education consulting and partnering with educators and institutions globally to achieve success.

We are committed to global partnerships that help us advance innovation and connect researchers, learners, and professionals.

Key Functions

Adaptive learning technologies, powered by Knowledge-based Artificial Intelligence.

We have developed multiple platforms with cutting-edge algorithms that leverage the diverse datasets to understand and one-on-one engage with learners for their personalised and adaptive learning experience. Our technology makes recommendations in real time based on how the learners engages with content and understands their success factors.

Our platforms implement the very latest approaches to learning and embrace the emerging Education 4.0 paradigm shift which is having the largest impact on learning methodology for generations. Our focus is to provide transformational learning focused on the learner, enabling behavioural change and individual flourishing.

This immense power is delivered through highly-secure, cloud-based systems requiring no infrastructure for the individual or organisation beyond web access or a phone/tablet. This enables us to hold implementations costs and timescales to a minimum to facilitate wide accessibility. We call it education as a service (EaaS).

  • We developed the world’s first knowledge-driven AI learning cloud infrastructure, Oxademy Learner Engagement and Assessment Platform (OxLEAP). The technology uses datasets to understand and engage one-on-one with learners, adapting their learning environment to their skills and learning styles, creating an environment where learners can succeed and realise their full potential.

  • Our platform Mykro is a mobile-only microlearning platform that provides effective, personalised and attention-grabbing training which aids better learning and engagement. Microlearning splits learning into bite-sized chunks that match the brain’s working memory and attention, meaning learning is more efficient and engaging. Sophisticated two-way messaging is built-in enabling Mykro to act as a powerful engagement tool within an organisation. It brings together learning and development tools with engagement tools

  • Brekkie Email is a cloud-based platform that provides learning and engagement via email/SMS. Learners receive lessons direct to their inbox, building a powerful learning habit and allowing them to learn without logging on to any complicated or expensive learning management platforms.

  • Luminis is a multichannel asynchronous-learning and engagement platform for today’s dispersed workforce.
Innovative and accredited programmes focused on improving individual development.

We develop learning content combined with academic knowledge and experience, with a consultative approach and creativity.

As a fully UK accredited higher education entity, we partner with academic and non-academic organisations from around the world to understand their learning needs and develop best-fit solution and deliver powerful, engaging content to make change happen.

The education sector is in the midst of radical change, and we are changing the models of education delivery.

Rapid changes in technology, and deep declines in endowment values forcing universities to react with determination and creativity. The competition in the global job market is making new programmes, new training and new models of instruction essential in order for learners to obtain employment after graduation.

We are helping institutions get back on the path to success by redesigning their learning and engagement models, university model, operations and organisations, and finding ways to optimise their highly complex organisation structures.

The University’s partnership with OxEd is an essential step in our continued quest for innovation in pedagogy. We are convinced of the potential impact of artificial intelligence as a new paradigm in teaching and learning. The University is delighted to be pioneering its application in higher education through the world-leading OxEd learning platforms. Together, we are committed to delivering an immersive learning experience of the highest quality regardless of a student’s geographical location and time constraints.

Advisory Board

OxEd is led by professionals with applied experience in technology and education. Its Advisory Board draws on a breadth of world-class research and expertise.

OxEd is a private company registered in the United Kingdom. Its academic arm is governed under the The Quality Assurance Agency For Higher Education, UK, and has an Advisory Board constituted to provide high quality objective advice regarding research and business plan.

OxEd has a critical role in shaping the future of learning. It is only leading player in the overall ecosystem of tech and content that combines high-quality teaching with excellent learning technologies to provide rigorous, customised and affordable education programmes to the world.