International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) collaborated with OxED to deliver a remote supervision mode for selected IIUM postgraduate programmes. This partnership has opened the door for more students to receive IIUM education from anywhere around the globe. The four academic programmes offered through this partnership are Master of Halal Industry Management, Doctor of Philosophy (Islamic Banking and Finance), Doctor of Philosophy (Halal Industry) and Doctor of Philosophy in Arabic Studies.

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Undertaking a PhD allows you to explore a specific area of your chosen subject in depth. A PhD is the highest research degree-level qualification and therefore takes the longest to complete. A supervisor/supervisors will help you to navigate your topic, offering expert advice on the direction of your research.

The PhD is a degree examined only by a thesis, and candidates must take special requirement courses as a coursework requirement. These courses are to be completed within the first year of the programme. Candidates must pass all the special requirement courses before they can proceed to the thesis.

PhD candidates are encouraged to develop their topic under their research project with the guidance of their supervisors, who are experts in their field of research. Candidates are also encouraged to attend online lectures and participate in research forums and online seminars. As part of a PhD, learners are strongly encouraged to undertake fieldwork.

Supervision: For this course, the allocation of supervision is the responsibility of IIUM. All learners are provided online supervision with access to an innovative research management platform called Qurra.

Assessment: On registration as a doctoral student, you are expected to prepare and submit a thesis proposal for defense with the guidance of the thesis advisory committee within the prescribed period. Upon successful defense, the doctoral student is now a candidate to undertake and complete the research for final submission for viva voce' to both internal and external examiners. Following the viva voce, one of the following recommendations will be made:

  • Pass - PhD completed
  • Pass with minor revisions to be completed in six (6) months
  • Pass with major revisions to be completed within the minimum period of six (6) to maximum period of twelve (12) months
  • Resubmission with viva to be completed within the minimum period of twelve (12) to maximum period of eighteen (18) months
  • Failure
Doctor of Philosophy (Islamic Banking and Finance)

Doctor of Philosophy (Islamic Banking and Finance) is awarded to graduates for a meaningful completion of doctoral research that advances the theory and principles of Islamic Banking and Finance from inter-disciplinary perspectives. Upon completion of a multi-disciplinary doctoral programme, the graduate is expected to undertake independent research and contribute to quality publications in their field of expertise.

Programme Objectives:
  • To attract and train high potential talent in Islamic Banking and Finance
  • To further develop and enhance the theory and practice of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • To meet the global demand for expertise in Islamic Banking and Finance industry
Research Areas:
  • Fiqh Muamalat in Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Islamic Banking and Finance Law
  • Performance and Efficiency of Islamic Banks and Takaful
  • Economics Policy and Analysis of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Regulatory and Governance
  • Takaful and Re-Takaful
  • Investment Banking
  • Islamic Wealth Management
  • Islamic Capital Market
  • Islamic Micro-Credit and Micro-Financing
  • Corporate and Shari'ah Governance for Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Waqf
  • Risk Management
Compulsory special requirement courses:
  • Research Methodology
  • Contemporary Issues in Islamic Finance
Doctor of Philosophy (Halal Industry)

The aim of this PhD is to offer graduates of different disciplines an opportunity to acquire knowledge and practice in the broad field of research and innovation in halal industry. The objectives of the course is to cater for a higher level of demand in terms of comprehensive knowledge in the halal industry, and to provide an opportunity for national and international graduates to pursue Doctor of Philosophy (Halal Industry).

Required academic courses for graduation:
  • Research Methodology
  • Seminar
  • Research
  • Values, Technology and Society*
  • Advances Study on Legal and Administrative Control*
  • Halal Industry and Advanced Technique Analysis*
  • Fiqh 1 for Halal Industry Products and Services*
  • Fiqh 2 for Halal Industry Products and Services*

* Course to be completed if they have not taken at Master level.

Doctor of Philosophy in Arabic Studies

The Doctor of Philosophy in Arabic Studies is a full time and a part-time course that requires 3 to 5 years (full time) and 5 to 8 years (part time) to complete. Each candidates will be trained in research methods, Islamisation of knowledge and a specialised area in history to prepare them for the challenging task of producing original research in the form of a thesis. The expected length of the thesis is 80,000 - 100,000 words and must be written in Arabic. Areas in which the candidates can specialise include theoretical and applied linguistics, syntax, morphology, semantics, lexicography and translation studies. The PhD comprises of two compulsory modules. These modules are supplemented at the end of the PhD by a Research Proposal and an individual Thesis which enable students to apply the insights of the taught modules.

  • Research Methodology (Arabic)
  • Islamisation of Knowledge (Arabic)
  • Research Proposal
  • Thesis
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